Hardware and Sofware Purchase Support

“The internet changed everything.”

How many times have we heard that over the last 20 years? But in fact, it HAS changed everything and continues to accelerate changes in purchasing – and with no greater impact than the purchasing process for IT hardware, software and services. You know what your requirements are. You know pretty much what you need – now the challenge is procurement, delivery and PRICING. We’ll coordinate this process with integrity and fact – there really is no mystery other than what our competitors unwittingly create. We can help.

  • Rapid turnaround for pricing on all brands we represent.
  • Engineering and configuration concerns – we can validate
  • Product selection – we facilitate the purchasing of various solutions daily, we share our experiences for the benefit of the user
  • Pricing is often a function of the manufacturer’s distribution strategy – while possibly unfair, we understand this and will represent the customer in driving costs out
  • Purchase to delivery tracking information flow – we will keep you informed