About Us

Since 1995, Random Access has provided IT sales, service, and consulting support services addressing a wide array of technical and logistical issues. Our customers range from smaller, commercial users to large enterprises. Our client support model features a “customer centric” approach tailoring the solution to meet the business mandate.

Random Access was founded by Sandy Randon. A veteran of the IT industry since 1978, Randon started Random Access to blend his technical background and sales skills, allowing him to integrate himself and collaborate with other engineering companies in unique and meaningful ways. Some of his top clients include Thompson’s Financial Service, Jordan’s Furniture, Akamai, World Travel Holdings, and Bose. Randon began his career as a Technician working for Codex and then running National Tech Support for Motorola / Codex from 1987-1991. From there he went to work for Boston Networks, a small Motorola Distributor, before starting Random Access.